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Jamell Tousant -- Northern California Real Estate Agent

Jamell Tousant is a licensed realtor and experienced consultant in Northern California. Tousant's colleagues and clients praise him for his unwavering ethics, honesty, and ability to get the job done.

Tousant is a native of California currently living in the Bay Area of Northern California. He has experience assisting buyers and sellers with everything from beach properties to high-rise condos and serene vacation homes in the mountains.

Jamell Tousant: Success in Northern California and Beyond

Jamell Tousant strives to help individuals, couples, and families find their dream homes in the state of California. He has been involved in real estate in the area since 2001 and became a licensed California real estate agent in 2005.

Tousant has sold countless properties across California, especially in the northern region where he currently resides. He is known locally as a residential real estate expert with experience selling empty lots, single-family homes, multi-family residences, and more. He has tested his marketing and promotion methods in many markets and knows how to reach the widest audience possible.

Tousant's real estate expertise has led him to close more than $250 million in real estate transactions.

A Career of Integrity

Jamell Tousant's honesty and integrity have taken him far as a realtor. He believes professional reputation is important, but even more important is how a realtor feels about himself at the end of the day. Tousant practices high ethical standards, and he attributes them to the lessons taught by his parents and other figures throughout his childhood.

Tousant believes that integrity and values are often pushed aside in real estate. He became a member of the National Association of REALTORS in 2005, as this association requires realtors to pledge to a strict code of ethics. Those who do not adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are removed from the association and can lose their ability to practice real estate in California.

Tousant combines his steadfast integrity with hustle and tenacity to give his clients the best possible real estate experience. His strong work ethic and desire to please clients push him to pursue all leads and market properties as if they were his own. Former clients continuously praise Tousant for his attention to detail.

Education and Experience

Jamell Tousant received his REALTOR license to practice in California in 2005. He has since listed and sold properties throughout the state from the coastline to the mountains. Tousant's success is linked to his former education and desire to continue advancing in his field.


Jamell Tousant studied marketing at the University of California - Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, and Marketing. Tousant believes his university studies improved his ability to market and sell even the most challenging homes and pieces of property.

Industry Experience

Tousant's experience in the real estate industry is extensive. He began his career with Prudential California Realty upon receiving his license in 2005. He ranked among the top 10 realtors out of roughly 900 agents in his first year working for the company.

Later, Tousant took a position at Keller Williams Realty with a focus on Northern California, specifically the Bay Area. This is where he got his bearings as a successful lawyer in the city and its nearby beaches. He specialized in the areas of San Mateo, Solano, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and beyond. Tousant now uses his decades of talent as a self-employed, licensed REALTOR in Northern California.

Tousant has previously held the following positions:

2005-2011: Prudential California Realty, Top 10 Ranking Realtor

2011-2018: Keller Williams Realty Sonoma Location

2018-Current: Licensed REALTOR, Self-employed, Nothern California

A few of his many professional accomplishments include:

Licensed REALTOR in Northern California since 2005

Member of the California Association of Realtors and National Association of REALTORS

Earned the Graduate REALTOR designation from the Graduate REALTOR Institute in 2010

Became a Senior Real Estate Specialist in 2015

Member of the National Commercial Real Estate Association

A Life More than Real Estate

Tousant dedicates much of his life to the field of real estate. However, he prides himself on his volunteer efforts, his family life, and excelling at numerous hobbies.

First and foremost, Tousant is a family man with a wife of 20 years, two sons, and a daughter. Tousant enjoys traveling with his family, attending sporting events, and teaching his children the importance of volunteering. His family often volunteers at the local Human Society, donating food, playing with the animals, and helping organize charitable events. They take part in the Relay For Life Cancer Walk and holiday Toys for Tots fundraisers every year.

Tousant believes taking time for self-care is essential to becoming a successful realtor and family man. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, camping, and any time spent in nature. He describes paradise as a family backpacking trip to the mountains with his two dogs in tow.


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