Overview of Tower Tumble (Relaxing Game)

It’s debatable if Tower Tumble is a sequel to pgslot Temple Tumble or a completely separate game. It’s hard to think of a more original title. This time, the developers have abandoned the Megaways gaming engine that came with Temple Tumble in lieu of a toned down Tumble Reels system instead. The temple setting has been abandoned in favor of brand new gameplay. For their latest release, users may join Relax Gaming in a fantasy world full of towers, crystals, and enchanted princesses. This slot machine is based on a magical universe and is dripping with pixie dust, so fair warning. Let’s reserve judgment till we’ve seen everything that Tower Tumble has to offer before passing judgment.

Tower Tumble’s visuals are passable, and the game makes use of cartoonish images to effectively convey its rural fantasy setting. It’s upbeat and contemporary in style and design. The game is played out on a 6×6 grid, with just a portion of the symbols being revealed at the start of each basic game tumble. The ones we obtain are positioned in a 2-4-4-2 pattern in the center of the grid. There are movable stones and locked book symbols surrounding them, both of which will be discussed in further depth below.

All of the game’s icons are original creations, beginning with a quartet of colored elixirs. The princess and the hero, who might be worth as much as 30 times the bet, occupy the best seats in the house. Wild symbols in Tower Tumble can replace standard pay icons to create winning combinations worth up to 100 times the wager for a full screen’s worth of them. There are three of them, and although their backgrounds are different colors, they all serve the same purpose.

Winning combinations consist of three or more symbols lying in a horizontal or vertical line. Mobile, desktop, and tablet gaming are all supported, and players may place bets ranging from 10 cents to $100 each spin. The return to player percentage is 96.11%, and the volatility is medium to high. Best rewards come only when many combos cascade together on one spin, as is the case with most slots that use a tumble style win structure. Tower Tumble has components that work together to increase the player’s chances of winning by creating a snowball effect.

Features of Tower Tumble (by Relax Gaming)

Let’s begin with the Tumble Reels grid system, from which the vast majority of the bonuses will be launched. Instead of traditional reels, this game uses falling symbols to fill in a grid. In addition to the disclosed symbols and the blocker tiles, there are also one to five Elemental tiles with unique markings.

There are a few things that occur when a winning combination is established. After a win, the symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones, which fall into the empty spaces and increase the likelihood of more wins. Second, the blocking tiles next to the disappearing symbols are eliminated, which may expose additional regular pay symbols, wilds, or even an Elemental tile. After the tumbling has stopped and the winners have been paid out, the Elemental tile will become active. What you get is as follows:

The green book, Earth, can be used to clear the board of four to six obstruction tiles.

The purple book represents the air, which, when placed, generates a diagonal line of wilds.

Fire is the red book and turns a set of symbols into a common symbol.

A blue book that sprinkles 2–5 wilds on open areas but not on top of other wilds is water.

Free Spins are provided if a player is fortunate enough to remove all blocked tiles in a single spin. The goal of the game is to reach the highest level possible on the tower. As with prior Temple Tumble slots, the player starts by selecting one of three modes that affect the bonus game’s volatility:

Low-volatility Extra Spins feature: 10 spins with no multipliers.

Free spins with increasing multipliers and level bonuses of up to 8x the normal payouts, medium/high volatility.

Extra Multipliers: Extremely risky, but rewarding, 5 free spins with a growing multiplier of x1 between each level.

The bonus round initiates at the tower’s foot. A wooden blocker tile border surrounds a 4×4 grid of revealed symbols. Blockers are eliminated with each victory, however unlike in the regular game, they do not reappear on the subsequent spin. If all of them are eliminated, the player will progress to the next level of the tower and receive a new round of free spins. In theory, there is no limit to the amount of levels or multipliers that can be smashed. They will logically come to an end, but that’s not to discount the catchiness of the slogan.

The Final Say on Tower Tumble (Relaxing Game)

In some respects, it’s wonderful to have a break from the darker, more serious slots that we have reviewed recently, although Tower Tumble isn’t exactly the most exciting game on the market. In fact, it becomes really tedious in a short amount of time. The ‘infinite’ multiplier during the free spins is the major attraction. However, the truth isn’t often as impressive as the advertising. The road to triggering the Tower Climb feature can be littered with spins that have no or little value, so it’s not quite what we were hoping for.

The fact that Tower Tumble doesn’t vastly improve upon Temple Tumble only makes the situation worse. There are fewer opportunities to win, the maximum payout is just 5,150 times the initial wager, and the overall excitement level is much lower. The only way Tower Tumble could potentially be a larger lure is for gamers that go for these cutesy things. The method whereby free spins are triggered by removing blocked tiles from the grid is not extremely widespread, but is on the rise. Recent examples include NetEnt’s frenetic Reel Rush 2 and Microgaming’s Thor: Ragnarok.

Tower Tumble’s top payout is respectable, but many other games provide larger payouts overall. We recommend Snake Arena by the same developer if you want games with a more unique appearance and feel.






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