Slot Overview of Cluster Gems on LeoVegas

Online pgslot gambling establishment With the release of LeoVegas Cluster Gems, a cluster paying grid slot, LeoVegas has increased the amount of unique slots in their Originals series. LeoVegas has hired Blueprint Gaming, an odd choice given that the developer hasn’t put out a lot of these kind of games. Blueprint, on the other hand, is no newcomer, having already created dependable grid slots like Dragon Fall and working on more. Collecting winning symbols in LeoVegas Cluster Gems fills charge meters, which in turn releases modifiers and, finally, free drops.

Blueprint Gaming has worked with LeoVegas on unique content before. LeoVegas Megaways was the previous release, and it was based on Big Time Gaming’s proprietary game engine. LeoVegas Cluster Gems looks quite similarly to the last one, with the same brilliant combination of reddish, orange, and gold colors making up the fuzzy backdrop images, as if a cityscape had been photographed with the contrast and brightness turned all the way up. The sights of Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower and Stratosphere Tower, among others, are less distorted in LeoVegas Cluster Gems than they are in LeoVegas Megaways. It sparkles and is all set for a wild party.

The objective of this game, which is played on a 7×7 grid, is to form winning clusters of at least five identical symbols that are next to each other in either the vertical or horizontal directions. When a cluster wins, it is removed and new symbols are dropped into the empty spaces via a cascade effect. No new clusters will emerge as long as the cascades keep going. The goal, as is the case with most grid slots, is to get as many clusters in a row as possible to trigger bonuses. LeoVegas Cluster Gems is a very volatile slot with enormous potential, with a possible return of about 95%. All devices allow for wagers from 10 cents and £/€100 each spin.

Payout icons will be briefly discussed before we get to the interesting stuff. Diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts make up the low-paying regulars, while three jewels and the LeoVegas lion make up the high-paying regulars. When made up of premium symbols, clusters of 25 or more identical icons are worth 100 to 1,000 times your initial wager. When a wild appears, it might take the place of any other normal pay symbol. Payouts occur with wilds as well, but only when they take up a complete grid. The payout for such a remarkable result is one thousand times the stake.

Slot Functions in LeoVegas’ Cluster of Gems

Players who are familiar with grid-based slots will feel right at home with LeoVegas Cluster Gems. In a nutshell, filling the Symbol Bank with successive clusters causes the dropping of modifiers at certain levels and then the triggering of free drops. The minimum and maximum levels necessary are as follows:

When 20 matching symbols have been amassed, the game enters the Burst mode. One kind of gem symbol and any wilds remain on the grid while all other symbols are eliminated. As more symbols fall, the grid is filled.

Colossal – activated by collecting 40 symbol payoffs. The grid receives a new enormous symbol and it is placed there at random.

When 60 symbols have been gathered in a single win, Wild Times will begin. Inserts a variable number of wilds into the playing field.

When 80 winning symbols are amassed, the Gem Strike feature is activated. One or more gem symbols will be randomly converted into the highest paying lion symbol.

Drops in a Cluster

When you collect 100 winning symbols, you unlock 10 bonus cluster drops. During this feature, the minimum required number of winning clusters to activate modifiers is lowered from the normal value of 60 to 15, 30, 45, or 15 symbols for Burst, Colossal, Wild Times, and Gem Strikes, respectively. Players may now retrigger an additional 10 free spins after collecting 75 symbols in the Symbol Bank as opposed to the usual 100.

A win multiplier is available during free spins, increasing the potential payout. The multiplier during free spins grows by one each time a win happens. There is no reset to the multiplier, so it can keep growing as the feature does.

Slot Review: Cluster Jewels by LeoVegas

The LeoVegas Cluster Gems slot machine is a good option for those looking for a grid slot. It’s technically sound and has everything you need for some exciting cluster paying grid slot action. However, LeoVegas Cluster Gems lacks the innovative flair and excitement of its competitors. The LeoVegas lion logo adds a splash of character to an otherwise generic (but fully functional) casino game. A happy aside is that as part of their Leo Initiative, LeoVegas has taken in two lions, Bruno and Omar.

Like its predecessor, LeoVegas Megaways, Blueprint sticks to tried-and-true gameplay elements. At least the mechanism whereby winning symbols result in modifiers is widespread. When you find a nice roll-on, it usually works just as well here as it does anywhere. However, getting to the more advanced adjustments required some work. It took a lot of effort to earn free spins because they were so rare. Since fewer symbols are required to blast modifiers while the progressive multiplier increases, the journey there may be worthwhile, and extraordinary events may occur. While the game’s maximum payoff of £/€250,000 (or 50,000x the stake) may seem outlandish, keep in mind that this is a normal feature in many Blueprint games and is thus not necessarily a figure to strive for.

Although hardly groundbreaking, LeoVegas Cluster Gems checks all the appropriate boxes for a grid slot. It has some nice qualities, has the ability to really shine in the appropriate setting, and is generally satisfactory. The bottom line is that LeoVegas Cluster Gems is capable of delivering incredibly exciting moments, however a higher RTP would have been preferable.






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